Best Selling Multivendor Plugin

3 min readFeb 1, 2021

Bazaar (Multi-Vendor Plugin)

No matter what type of multivendor store you are trying to figure, BAZAAR is the most suitable solution that you will find inside WordPress. BAZAAR covers the abilities of the most popular eCommerce plugin, WooCommerce, providing the best frontend experience combined with the exceptional features that every marketplace needs. It is the best to have multivendor plugin on the market right now.

Whether you are trying to build a marketplace for digital products, physical products, an auction site or a site to sell bookings, BAZAAR can do it all.

BAZAAR is trusted by more than 40,000+ marketplaces all around the world and successfully helping people to fulfill their dreams of becoming a marketplace owner.

Let your vendors register, upload their product or services, and start earning your commissions. It’s that stress-free!


BAZAAR is a multi-vendor plugin that comes straight from the Codex-Infra team. It lets you allow other vendors to sell products via your store, while still giving you the option to sell your own products as well (like Amazon or Flipkart).

BAZAAR is the most complete multivendor plugin/product one can ever found.” Overall: The experience we get from Bazar is so great and massive, to the extent that we have never thought of using other multivendor woocommerce plugin for any of our eCommerce platform that we build at Codex-Infra.

Uses of Multi-Vendor Plugin

A multi-vendor plugin is a software, which hosts multiple vendors on its website and provides an opportunity for various vendors to sell online on a single platform. The owner of the website only manages the website and the third-party vendors get to sell their products online.

How to create a Multi-Vendor in Wordpress

To build your own multi-vendor market-place, start by setting up a CMS site and installing WooCommerce. Then, add one key extension: Product Vendors. Follow the detailed documentation available on this link to set up your marketplace and get started.

All the benefits that you get

· Set up a fully functional online marketplace without any hassle.

· Each vendor can create their own store from beginning within minutes.

· Vendors can add products and manage orders from their front-end.

· Complete frontend experience for both vendor and consumers alike.

· Comes with 27+ modules that make it easy for vendors to modify stores and augment consumer experience.

· Beautifully intended free built-in theme with pro packages to make the setting up procedure seamless.

· Best shipping features for any type of product delivery zones.

· All popular payment gateways supported for transactions and purchases.

· Generate detailed reports and earning statements within few seconds.

· Owners can set their commission rates to earn from vendors. Get it now…

Why to Choose BAZAAR?

· Best & Amazing Features

BAZAAR got the top features as compared to other. Use the best features on just simple clicks.

· Awesome UI

The most appreciating user interface that will give you the best experience of working

· Easy To Configure

You can configure BAZAAR on just simple clicks see the installation in docs.

· 24x7 Support

Our support team is active 24x7 for you. Don’t be hesitate to ask any query

· Compatible With Any Woo Theme

You can use this plugin with almost all the woocommerce theme.

· Reasonable Price

BAZAAR is available for everyone at very reasonable price. Get it now…

Easiest Learning Curve For A Marketplace

· All the documentation you will ever need to comprehend every bit of your marketplace

· Features being added with every release in according to user suggestions. Get it now…

· Super prompt customer support from support engineers and specialists: live chat and ticket-based.

No reason to hold back your dream project of online marketplace. Download the free version of BAZAAR or get the official quote.